Renault in eye of storm

Well renault have started playing dirty it seems (no surprise after their recent beatings !!! ) , a little time ago, FIA had issued guidelines banning certain types of dampers which were said to be giving aerodynamical advantage to cars. While most manufacturers stopped using it, Renault comes to Germany with one of their cars still having it, moreover they say that the order was not binding and file an appeal with stewards, the stewards confirm that the order indeed was not binding.

So renault has a car 'better' than the others, and have bent the rules to benefit. But the FIA was quick to save the face of Formula One, they immediately decided to file an appeal. The result is expected at the time of hungarian grand prix. Renault here were caught on the backfoot. If they win this weekend and the decision comes against them, then their points will be nulled. Hence it seems the company has decided not to use the controversial dampners.

More News :

  • Trulli signed a new contract with Toyota and will stay in the team till 2009 season
  • Williams have dumped Cosworth and have decided to go with Toyota as their engine suppliers, this means midland are left without an engine supplier.

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