Toyota to appeal penalty on Ralf

Having reviewed the evidence, the stewards considered that it was an unsafe manoeuvre and applied a 25-sec penalty to him, who finished in eighth place. However, Toyota are appealing the decision.

"In view of the extremely vague description of the regulation and a number of similar incidents which have gone unpunished, Toyota has decided to appeal the decision of the stewards in order to clarify this issue for the future," explained Tsutomu Tomita.

If Toyota’s appeal fails, Schumacher will drop out of the points in the San Marino GP and Heidfeld will gain one point by moving to eighth place.

Alonso barely held on to his lead as he claimed the chequered flag in the San Marino Grand Prix.World champ Micheal Schumacher came second in his F2005 climbing from 13th place at the start. As the race progressed one could feel the Adrenaline. Schumacher overtook cars one after the other, his car arleast 1.5 seconds faster than anyone else. Button took an impressive third while Alexander Wurz came 4th. Wurz's brilliant performance forces us to think why McLaren hired Montoya in the first place, Wurz is obviously much faster.Villeneuve, for whom it was a do or die race showed he has still got it. It was an impressive start from pole starter Kimi who separated from the pack rightaway, leaving Alonso behind. But Kimi had to retire due to suspension problems.
The highlight of the race as I said was Schumi's performance. At post race press confrence, he thanked everyone except his Dog (must be feeling bad!). He stated that the last few races had brought negative publicity to tyre manufacturers Bridgestone and that he hoped this would set things right. Schumacher now has 10 points in the Driver's championship and now has shown to the world that he didn't become World Champion  for nothing. What was remarkable was his difference in pace from teammate Barrichello. MShumacher was 3 seconds faster, showing that driving matters more than the car. Jordans once again showed their reliability with both cars finishing the race.
The race results with official timings will follow.

Alonso : King Bahrain GP

Fernando Alonso takes victory at Bahrain Grand Prix with Jarno Trulli taking 2nd place on the podium. McLaren making their come back with a 3rd place at Bahrain. Kimi Raikkonen and Pedro Dela Rosa finish 3rd and 5th respectively.

Michael Schuamcher had some mechanical failure inbetween 20-30 lap and had to retire from the race. Schuamcher was on second place and was looking strong as he was just 0.6 s behind Fernando Alonso. Rubens Barrichello started from 20th place on the grid and had only done 2 laps of Bahrain International Circuit before the race. Barrichello had a major gearbox problem due to which he couldn't perform any lap on the circuit and the team had no spare car. F2005 was looking strong and we could expect a real good results from it.

More to follow up..........