Montoya Switches Ways

So we finally know where JP Montoya is headed next, no its not McLaren or any other Formula One team, Montoya is headed into Nascar.Montoya will join Ganassi's team.

"It should be fun," said Ganassi

"He said 'I want to get back to racing'. The guy loves racing. And what better place than here?"

"I am so happy to be entering the fastest growing racing league in the world," said Montoya

"I've thought about this for quite some time but the opportunity had to be right. I know it will not be easy but I can't wait to get behind the wheel."

So now Montoya has got the license to crash again, I think the reason he made the switch is because Nascar cars are cheaper than F1 cars, so when he crashes them the monetary loss is minimum. What about 2008 Montoya , Demolition Derby ?


  1. kon5ad said...
    I think you are absolutly right dude. You know what, we may actually see 2 Mclarens making it to the end for a change. Maybe even closer to each other now.
    Ankit Sud said...
    same here, Mclaren deserves a better driver
    the puissant one said...
    nope, i believe the drivers deserve a better mclaren.

    n what screwed your template?
    the puissant one said...
    this is what i see:

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