Formula One action moves to Hockenheim

We go to Hockenheim for the 2006 Formula One German Grand Prix.Alonso reckons he can stop Ferrari, and hopes that their good start to the season is not wasted, Ferrari on the other hand would like to keep this thought of Alonso a dream as they push to make Michael Schumacher world champion again.

Here are some statistics of the Hockenheim Circuit.

Laps 67
Circuit length 4.57 km (2.84 miles)
Race length 306.46 km (190.42 miles)

Year 2005

Winner Fernando Alonso
Winning team Renault

Winning time 1:26'28.599

Pole time 1'14.320
Pole driver Kimi Räikkönen
Pole team McLaren-Mercedes

Fastest lap 1'14.873

Fastest lap driver Kimi Räikkönen

Fastest lap team McLaren-Mercedes

Photo By Dirk Goldhahn Under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License v. 1.0:


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