The great Formula One Team that was

Micheal Schumacher in happier times, notice the no.1 car, he may never drive it again
The fans keep their expectations up, but one race after the other Ferrari disappoints millions of its fans. Having loved the Ferrari F1 team since the day i watched Formula One for the 1st time, it pains me to see the great team lose its touch. The first race at Bahrain has proved to be a false dawn. ferrari struggle to even keep up with the top teams, let alone win. In the qualifying at Australia, Ferrari's cars failed their rather illustrious drivers. Micheal Schumacher wasnt even able to qualify for the final 10 showdown. if this continues i am sure many more fans like me will think twice before supporting Ferrari.

My message To Ferrari ::
So lets prove the critics wrong , Ferrari should rise like a phoenix from its ashes and dominate like it used to. Let no new rule from FIA stop you. Spread your wings and fly high. Lets show everyone the legacy continues .....


  1. Anonymous said...
    Man thats really deep, hope Ferrari does a turnaround
    Mark said...
    I know how it feel, i have been a ferrari fan for soooo long, and to see it fail is just soo hard.
    Qwerty said...
    A true tifosi would never "think twice before supporting Ferrari."

    Then again, many people would rather support the "in" team. For decades I watched before Ferrari's 2000 title. Suddenly when they were winning, everyone's a fan. Now that Renault are on top suddenly everyone's a Regie fan. Or a Macca fan.
    Ankit Sud said...
    Dear qwerty, i will remain a ferrari fan till death will do me part. i love ferrari and thats why i want ferrari to buck up and improve its performance, but i am also a Schumi fan, and to see the team let down schumi pains me. Schumacher is being told things like he should retire, thats why i want ferrari to buck up.

    And as far as being a Mclaren or Renault fan, never ever will i stop supporting ferrari and support someone else.
    Anonymous said...
    What can one do if ferrari lets down a true tifosi ??
    koushik said...
    Well, Ferrari are a great team, but then, in sport there must be some uncertainity, or there is no fun. Ferrari's five year streak was so dominant that many did lose their interest in the sport itself.

    If you had watched Giles on video, it would show you how special a team Ferrari were. Somehow, I felt that the 'magic' of the Ferrari evolved into a emotionless winning machine in the 90's, and that to me was somehow never acceptable.

    And Michael's attitude at the beggining of his career, be it with Benneton, or the Damon Hill/JV incidents made sure that I was never a MS fan.

    But yes, I do hope that the old horse fights back, and hangs up his helmet in style, with an eigth championship.. but far cry, I would say!
    Anonymous said...
    I disagree with you koushik, dont ever count ferrari out. And how can you call ferrari emotionless, with 1 win of ferrari, a million people back home rejoice , make cake and have a ball, now thats emotion.
    koushik said...

    First up, yes, this season I count out Ferrari, and it must be clear every Tifosi that the Scuderia is leagues behind the Renault, McLaren and Honda.
    The forecast is crystal clear, and I'll eat my hat if Schumi wins the WDC.

    Second, I am talking F1 here, and about the popularity of the sport which so undoubtedly went down in the five years that Ferrari ruled. A million people might have rejoiced, infact the whole of Italy might have revelled in the German's success, but losing popularity in the rest of Europe/Asia/US (read: millions of more people) is not worth it.

    1988 was a dominant year too, with McLaren taking 15 of the 16 championships. But that yaer, F1 telivision ratings were at their best. Why? There was war between Prost and Senna - unlike the hegemonistic rule by Schum fom 2000-2004.

    My Conclusion - F1 is bigger than Ferrari.
    Anonymous said...
    I think we need to cool things down a little, its hot in here
    Anonymous said...
    I am visiting this blog for the 1st time and i can see a very good discussion taking place, F1 is bigger then Ferrari true, but Ferrari is more popular anyday

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