Formula One in 2008 :: Schumacher still there ?

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo in an interview to Italian press hinted that Micheal Schumacher may stay on for another two years in Formula One.

"I think Michael wants to continue for a year, but not to find himself in five months' time facing the same questions he has now," Di Montezemolo said.

"It would suit him to sign for another two years, but he is assessing whether he will still want to race in 2008."

"It's up to him to decide and he knows that if he wants to stay for two years in formula one then we will agree. He has to say it," Di Montezemolo said.

"Having a competitive car helps, but Michael had already realised that (was the case before he won the last race at Imola).

"His future depends more on his head than on Ferrari."

"I am of the opinion that one does not have to risk indigestion in life but abundance is always to be preferred. We do not have a driver problem today," Di Montezemolo said.

"We will talk to Rossi in the coming weeks to make a decision. With Raikkonen, there is absolutely nothing other than the fact that we believe he is one of the best three (drivers) at the moment in formula one."


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