This Week in Formula One

F1 Engines to be 'Fuel Efficient'
FIA has announced that it will write the Technical Regulations again in a manner to promote Fuel Efficiency from the 2009 F1 Season.

Villeneuve No More
Jacques Villeneuve seems to be headed no where, he recently parted ways with the BMW Formula One Team.

Coulthard and Webber for Red Bull
Coulthhard and Webber have been signed by the Red Bull Formula One team, but poor Christian Klien is left with no team. Webber was replaced at Williams by Alexander Wurz, poor Narain Karthikeyan wasnt given a chance to display his skills, In my humble opinion , Nico better watch out, after an impressive start he is yet to do anything substantial.

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  1. gunnar said...
    Piquet jr to join Renault Team as test driver in 2007. That means Kovalainen may continue at French squad with Fisichella.

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