Alonso's getting Frustrated, Gets in Trouble

Looks like poor Alonso will have to wait some more time to make a comeback, he suffered a 2 second penalty at Hungary for a deliberate brake test and for overtaking under a flag on Friday's second practice session.

Alonso was penalised one second for overtaking during yellow flags were bring waved to indicate danger during Friday's practice.

The second incident saw him lock horns with Red Bull test driver Robert Doornbos.

He had trouble overtaking Doornbos on the start finish staraight, when he did so , he weaved in front of doornbos and braked hard, the accident was averted by Doornbos's quick thinking , he avoided the collision. Alonso later said he wanted to remind Doornbos to use the rear view mirrors, however the stewards were not so pleased and handed him a penalty of another 1 second.

In my opinion , its the end for Alonso, frustration seems to have got the better of him, no matter how much he claims that he is unaffected by his lead being cut short the truth is that he is scared, and in his opinion its time for desperate measures.


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