Kimi denies Ferrari's offer

McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen has denied reports that he has signed a contract with Ferrari.

''I have not signed a new contract with anybody,'' an exasperated Kimi said upon his arrival in Malaysia. "This Ferrari thing is written again and again, but there is nothing new."

McLaren have already signed Fernando Alonso. However, the team insists Alonso is a partner for Kimi rather than a replacement.

"We have made no particular secret of the fact that we want Kimi to stay with us," McLaren's managing director Martin Whitmarsh said.

"We have got one Champion in the car next year and it would be nice to have a second with Kimi taking the title and being in the car alongside Fernando."


  1. Anonymous said...
    I think Ferrari dont need Kimi, Massa will prove to be an asset
    Anonymous said...
    I think Kimi would be better than Massa he has experience in fast cars
    koushik said...
    That's the Ferrari-Kimi story, part 248.

    Ankit Sud said...
    You can say that again
    jumpdrive said...
    it's better for Kimi to stay in McLaren. Finnish racers seem to have tradition there.
    Ankit Sud said...
    Yeah you may be right, Mika Hakinnen was also a great racer for McLaren, too bad he retired early

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