All set to make Formula One the dullest sport in town

So FIA has finally released its cost cutting measures for 2008 and beyond, frankly they stink. A major change will be that teams will not be allowed to progress their work on engine technology i.e. the 2008 engine will have to be used in 2009 and 2010 as well. So that basically means teams which dont have a good/reliable engine at the start of 2008 season, don't bother , you wont be able to win anyway for 3 years.

A single tyre company will be chosen for 2008-2010. At each race, every team will receive the same tyres (So no fun here also) - two dry-weather compounds, one wet-weather tyre and one extreme-weather tyre. Tyre warmers will be banned (good,now whats the point ??).

Engines will still have to last 2 races, while gearboxes 4.

1 good thing i feel is instead of 10 place penalties, a 15kg weight penalty will be enforced.

Engine companies also wont be able to sell engines to more than 2 companies without permission of the FIA (What does that mean ? Do they have to pay a fee ?)


  1. Anonymous said...
    These rule changes are bad for the sport
    Anonymous said...
    well...FIA rules are sometimes very absurd and it really makes it more boring, and the dullest season gotta be last year's.
    Anonymous said...
    I am going to watch f1 only till 2007 ...

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