Micheal fears no one ?

Well apparently not anymore. His most feared opponent is now none other than Ferrari teammate, Rubens Barrichello. Some say Rubens is the best number two driver you could ever wish for, some would say he will do anything for Ferrari, and some generally believe he drives to win.

Will Rubens be free from his Ferrari restraints in 2005, free to battle with Michael beyond the first pit stops; could we even see a battle to the flag? But the question will still be at the back of most Formula One fans, was that staged? Or was a genuine fight on display? We all sense Michael has control of the reigns at Ferrari and Rubens has played second fiddle, but we might just be left wondering whether Rubens can win this years title.

But as far as publicity goes, wouldn’t it be better for Schumacher to bow out defeated by his own team-mate rather than a McLaren or a BAR, as far as Ferrari are concerned. However for Rubens to win the title, it just might take another fractured leg to Schumacher, or a few retirements from the Champion for the Brazilian to have a chance.

For the time being, Raikkonen, Montoya, Webber, Heidfeld, Alonso, Button, aren’t Schumacher’s biggest threat, “But for me, my most feared rival is him,” said Schumacher, pointing at Barrichello sitting next to him.

Look out Michael! Rubens could be coming for you.

Courtesy - Dailyf1news


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