The 1st Qualifying session

It was one of the most highly anticipated Qualifying
session of all times. And the session did live up to the hype. No one could
have expected what happened. Initially the track was wet so it was assumed cars
coming at the end would have an advantage, as the racing lie would dry up. But
little did we know.

Right after Fisichella it started raining
cats and dogs ad poor Felippe Massa was caught in the downpour with dry run
slick tyres. His car was like a snail crawling on the track.. There were
moments of humour in the track like Massa’s pit crew telling him that Michael Schumacher
was coming behind him 10 seconds after Micheal had actually passed him or his
pit crew telling him that its raining heavily (like he didn’t know). The rain
stopped after Micheal’s Lap and the lap times gradually improved, with most
scoring better times than Schumi. The next qualifying will be held on Sunday where
if it rains the cars with dry weather tyres will be at a disadvantage. The
final qualifying time will be the aggregate of these two sessions.

Clearly, today’s events have seriously jeopardised a lot of fancied runners’ chances. Now that the times from both qualifying sessions are aggregated, it follows that problems on one day will hurt you on the other.

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  1. MeThEaD said...
    Sude dude pls enlighten me, what are the new tyre rules? I heard Slater uncle say smthn like if ya use slick tyres in the qualifiyin then one has to continue with them throughout the weekend but if one uses wet tyres in the qulaifyin than ya can change on sunday..its quite practical anyways...but that means schumi bhaiya has an advantage..dammit

    For the readers of ths blog, me the me the methead hates Ferrari while he the he the hethead, that is, mschumi thinks he's gonna get a share of ferrari's income if they probably they'll be fireworks on this blog during the course of this season...

    BTW, sude dude, make me a contibutor so that this blog aint biased.....

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