TAG® Adapts Military Technology for MF1 Racing

Saturday 11 February at 12:14 : Technology Advancement Group, Inc (TAG), a United States-based engineering solutions company, has adapted its non-classified military technology to assist MF1 Racing in combating the heat and dust issues that plague computer control systems in F1's harsh racing environment.

TAG used its thermal engineering expertise to design a high-performance server capable of withstanding temperatures up to 60°C, thereby significantly reducing the risk of losing race-critical communications, telemetry, and diagnostics information. These TAG servers also contain a unique internal coating that dramatically lowers the risk of error or malfunction caused by brake fibre contamination.

MF1 Racing, the Formula One team owned and operated by the Midland Group, will be deploying the Tactical Hybrid ServerT (THS) at the start of the 2006 season.

This single-board, small form-factor server uses a Pentium M processor and comes with a customized fan controller board - enabling the unit to operate within a temperature range of 0°C to 60°C.

Besides ensuring race car-to-pit wall communications during extreme conditions, the THS uses intelligent fan blowers to move fibre brake particles through the machine without damaging the internal unit, making it ideal for use in race garage applications.

"TAG's executive management has roots in the automobile industry, so we are excited about this new partnership with Midland F1," said TAG's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Marcus DeSouza. "I am confident that our THS server will help Midland F1 Racing soar to new heights in the 2006 season."

Colin Kolles, Managing Director of MF1 Racing, commented, "With communications playing an increasing role in every team's race weekend operation, the reliability of computer systems has become more critical than ever."

"TAG is a proven leader in the field of thermal shielding and we are confident their technology will be up to the task of protecting our data equipment. From our point of view, this collaboration could not have come at a better time, as the dust and heat conditions at the first races in Bahrain, Malaysia and Australia will almost certainly prove to be the most challenging of the season."

In addition to customized rugged servers, TAG also provides rugged keyboard drawers, displays, and laptops – all of which can also be customized for the F1 Racing market. For more information on other mission-critical solutions from TAG, visit www.tag.com.

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