Schumi Decision : Reactions From Alonso and Damon Hill

Alonso Starts Mind Games

With just three races remaining and Michael's championship bid looking stronger than ever , Alonso had some not so pretty words for Schumi and some usual bickering about the penalty (yawn !!!)

"Michael is the most unsporting driver with the largest number of sanctions in the history of Formula One,"

"That doesn't take away from the fact that he has been the best driver.

"It has been an honour and pleasure to battle against him but things will be more equal now."

"In Formula One there are commercial and political interests,"

"We are talking about the most successful driver in history and a little bit of help has never gone amiss. Quite often they go over the line of what is acceptable and it is inexplicable."

"No one is going to believe the penalty I was given for a long time to come,"

"The excuse they gave was far from honest. It isn't good for our sport."

Damon Hill Praised Schumi

"It's a brave decision to stop doing something he loves," Hill said.

"We sort of know how he'll be remembered but over time his successes will mark an era when his dedication to winning gave the championship colour."

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