Villeneuve thinks Schumi should quit from GPDA

Villeneuve has again come out against Schumi, he suggested that seven time Formula One Micheal was not fit to be the Grand Prix Driver's Association's Director. A few days ago Webber had made similar comments. He made it clear that he was unhappy with Schumi leading the association.

Villeneuve's comments

" I can only give a personal opinion and I'm not happy someone can run the GPDA and act like that "

" If you try to make people believe that you didn't do it on purpose then you just look stupid. "

My take on this :-

Villeneuve should mind his own buisness, first he should care about his driving then worry about what Micheal is upto.


  1. Neeraj said...
    Exactly my point.

    Let bygones be bygones. Even if Schumi DID make the mistake he punished. Talking about it all the time isin't gong to make things better.

    And people should know [read Villeneuve & Webber] when to keep their mouth shut and concentrate on the race.
    Ankit Sud said...
    rightly said, this thing has already been blown way out of proportion
    MountCleverest said...
    firsly i dont think ms would resort to such a tactic when he was already dominating the race qualifying
    and secondly even if he did, he was more than punished enough for it.
    of all the people vileneuve and webber should not be speaking so much.

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