Controversy Surrounds Monaco Pole Position

I have always been a Schumacher fan, so if you are expecting me to say Schumacher did that on purpose, you are mistaken. And the nerve of Flavio , accusing Schumacher of such a heinous offence, he should check his facts before making allegations, a man who has seven world championships under his belt doent need to cheat in order to succeed. I believe Alonso is not even half the class of Schumacher, so he should remain shut.

Here is the story, Schumacher was in pole, he was going on another flying lap, his car stalled at a turn, he tries to reverse, now his engine dies, Alonso also on a flying lap is behind him, get obstructed, and then Flavio starts accusing Schumacher of being a cheater.

Briatore's Allegations

"I don't know why he needed to do it - that's the way Ferrari manage.

"I think he is taking everyone for a ride.

"Someone who was seven times a world champion wants us to believe that he didn't do it on purpose - it's fairyland.

"And given that we are not Snow White and the Seven Dwarves I think that what he did was unsporting and against everything.

"It's really astonishing what he did. Incredible."

Schumacher's side of the story

"It was a touch too much going into that final corner. I didn't know I was fastest, so I was really pushing on that lap.

"I came into the bend hard, locked up the front and went wide. I checked with the guys what position I was and they said P1.

"At the start I hadn't stalled the car but it was impossible to reverse because of the traffic behind me.

"There were cars coming behind me, I knew it, but I couldn't see them well enough to judge when to pull out. Then the engine stalled.

"Whatever you do in certain moments, your enemies believe one thing and the people who support you believe another," he added.

"Some people may not believe it, but unfortunately that's the world we live in.

"I don't care what other teams do. I know Flavio well enough," said Schumacher

Alonso's Remarks

"I am not going to give my true opinion on the matter here - it is not the right place or time"

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  1. Roy ( said...
    A wonderful day for formula 1, another shame to add to MS's record. Sad really - when he looks back on his career these incidents will loom large - his previous cheating has hindered his attempts to plead innocence.

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