Lapping Montreal with Montoya

Montreal is a cross between a street circuit
and a traditional road course
Juan Pablo Montoya heads to the Canadian Grand Prix, seeking his first podium position of the season. The Colombian certainly knows his way around the 4.361KM Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

"You reach 297km/h in seventh gear along the short pit straight, before braking hard for the left-right weave of turns one and two. Located just before the pit lane exit, turn one is taken at 112km/h in third gear, and is immediately followed by the Coin Senna. This right-hand hairpin is negotiated at 80Km/h in second gear."

"You push hard on the throttle as you exit the Coin Senna for the short straight that leads to the chicane of turns three and four. You drop from 257km/h in fifth to negotiate the right-left flick at 131km/h in second."

"Exiting turn four, you sweep flat out through the long right-hand curve of turn five, reaching 273km/h in sixth before once again braking hard for the left-right flick of turns six and seven. The first left-hander is taken at 80km/h in second with your speed increasing to some 144km/h in third for the right of turn seven."

"Full on the throttle on the exit as you power along the Place de la Concorde, achieving speeds of up to 318km/h in seventh gear, before dropping back through the gears for the right-left sequence of turns eight and nine. Entering the bumpy braking zone under the bridge for turn eight, your speed decreases to 112km/h in third gear."

"The slightly faster turn nine follows and this can be taken at 128km/h, still in third gear. Exiting turn nine, you blast along the sweeping straight that leads to the L'Epingle hairpin. Having reached speeds of 257km/h in fifth gear, you brake hard for the 180- degrees right hander, which swings you round onto the Droit du Casino."

"Accelerating along the main straight, you reach 318km/h in seventh gear as you approach the hardest braking point on the track. You pull -3.8G as you brake sharply to negotiate the final two corners that take you back to the start-finish straight. The right-left complex of bends is negotiated at 115km/h in third gear and you have to be careful not to jump the kerbs too aggressively."

Source McLaren Mercedes


  1. cccp said...
    so how do u guys feel about jordan team telling narain to improve?? isn't that the biggest horse shit ever?
    Ankit Sud said...
    Yeah it is shit!
    In such a bad car they should be happy if he takes the car to the finish.

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